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Funding Goals

Mount Moriah Jehovah-Jireh Church of God In Christ​​ is dedicated to the continual addition of programs and donations that will support  and encourage those in need throughout our community. We will achieve the following  goals with the help of God and yours.

Implement Life Skills Classes for Local Teenagers:

  • We will serve our local teenage population through the provision of life skills classes.
  • Classes will be focused on ages 13-18.
  • Topics will include financial literacy, cooking, and emotional intelligence.
  • By providing these classes, we will help teens to make a smooth transition between adolescence and adulthood.

Begin Educational Classes for Youth:

  • We will begin offering piano and foreign language lessons for our local youth.
  • Through these lessons, children will be able to expand their skill sets and worldview to form a more holistic person.
  • We need to hire skilled and experienced teachers to ensure quality education.

Transportation for Senior Citizens and Others:

  • We will purchase a large van to transport senior citizens and others.
  • Seniors and others will be transported from their homes to our church and back.
  • With this donation, those that may otherwise not be able to attend will be able to participate in spiritual enrichment.

Purchase Tablets for Our Nursery and Early Childhood Education Programs:

  • To provide invaluable exposure to technology, we will purchase electronic tablets for our nursery and early childhood education programs.
  • Children will be able to complete educational modules on the equipment.
  • By exposing children to technology, they will be better prepared for this culture’s ever-growing dependency on the internet and computers.

Expansion and Renovation of Our Current Facility:

  • As our facility ages and our congregation grows, we need to perform maintenance on improvement projects on our property.
  • We need to install new carpeting throughout our facility. We will replace old carpet and install new carpet in tiled areas to reduce sound disruption.
  • We would like to replace our  boiler in the next coming years.
  • Our roof is in need of repair in order to prevent leaks and to increase climate control efficiency.
  • Finally, we need to purchase new tables and chairs for our facility to better accommodate our congregation.

Train New Evangelists and Missionaries:

  • The church will offer training sessions for new evangelists and missionaries.
  • These sessions will include intensive Scripture study and evangelism techniques.